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Cigar Cottage

The El Palmetto Cigar Company flourished briefly in the 1890s in Punta Gorda but was defunct by 1901.

This 1890s Cigar Workers Cottage was the first building moved to the park on October 12, 1999.

It is the last of a row of cottages for workers that was built at the Southeast corner of Virginia Ave. and Cochran St. (now Martin Luther King Blvd.) along with the large wood-frame factory.

The El Palmetto Cigar Manufacturing Co. Cottages were a set of rooms, or a duplex.  One worker lived in each side.  Bathroom and cooking facilities were located outside of the building. 

Cigar rollers were skilled laborers and highly desired workers, so the housing was likely built for the workers to have an incentive to stay and work. 

After the company holdings were liquidated, Del Huckeby of Cleveland bought several of the cottages and moved them to Brown and Wood Streets.  Cleve Mays purchased two of these on Wood Street for his family.  Mike Nickelson purchased the cottage, located here in the Park, and donated it to the Historical Society.  On October 12, 1999, it was the first building moved to the Park.  Volunteers then restored the building.  This building was built to provide housing for two families.  Meals were prepared in a separate building. 

Hurricane Charlie destroyed the house in 2004, again it was restored by volunteers.

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