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Hibiscus Garden - Harry Goulding Memorial Garden


There are almost 100 varieties of hibiscus in the park and all bloom at different times.

These Hibiscus are important to the Punta Gorda Historical Society which runs the park because Harry Goulding, one of the world’s most reknown hibiscus hybridizers worked in Punta Gorda.  In fact, he produced over 450 hybrids.

Harry Goulding was an accountant, a rum runner, a fisherman and a world renowned, award-winning hibiscus grower. He figured that during his 60 years of developing hybrid hibiscus plants that he produced more than 60,000 hibiscus plants -- about 1,000 a year.

You can find photos of about 23 different hibiscus in bloom here at the Park by clicking on:

and scrolling down the page.

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